Save 14% on this IPEGA game controller for Android tablets

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We recently posted a Black Friday deal detailing this epic $80 deal saving on a Samsung Galaxy Tab A7, with the view that it could be a great Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 10-inch streaming device. With Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you can stream dozens of games from Microsoft’s servers to any Android device, including megahits like DOOM and Destiny 2. You need to pair an Xbox controller, though, which isn’t always the most ergonomic. What if there was a tablet that had Nintendo Switch-like controls instead?

Say hi to this interesting solution from IPEGA.

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This solution from IPEGA doesn’t seem to be the most elegant, but it might be the best we have right now for turning an Android tablet, like some of these in our best Project xCloud Xbox streaming tablets roundup, into a portable Xbox.

The IPEGA Gamepad uses telescopic arms to accommodate almost any tablet (or phone!) size, and connects up to a compatible Android (not iOS, sorry) device, using Bluetooth. It’s fully compatible with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate cloud streaming from recommendations we’ve received, and a range of other native Android games too. A quick perusal of the reviews seems to paint a bit of a mixed picture for Android games, though, with some games simply designed for touch, rather than a controller.

The IPEGA Gamepad also requires you to install another app, which doesn’t sound like it’s the most polished. Still, if you’re interested in at least attempting to turn your Android tablet into a portable Xbox Game Pass machine, this might be worth experimenting with, even if you end up returning it. I’m going to grab one myself for a more detailed write up on Windows Central in the near future.

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