Satya Nadella, Tim Cook, and other leaders share letter on Paris agreement

Almost 80 prominent CEOs and U.S. labor organization leaders signed a letter showing a continued commitment to the Paris climate agreement (via TechCrunch). Satya Nadella, Tim Cook, and Elon Musk are among the signers of the statement. The complete statement is on and includes why the CEOs are “still in” on the agreement.

The CEOs and leaders combine to employ more than 2 million people in the United States and represent 12.5 million people through labor organizations. The letter states that “Together, we know that driving progress on addressing climate change is what’s best for the economic health, jobs, and competitiveness of our companies and our country.”

Many of the same people that signed this document also supported staying committed to the Paris climate agreement in 2017 when the Trump administration expressed a desire to leave the agreement. President Trump recently confirmed that the United States will withdraw from the Paris climate agreement.

The letter states a continued commitment to the agreement,

“Today, we stand by our conviction that a commitment to the Paris Agreement requires a just transition of the workforce—one that respects labor rights and is achieved through dialogue with workers and their unions.

In addition to environmental issues, the letter address that the Paris Agreement affects global markets,

Staying in the Paris Agreement will strengthen our competitiveness in global markets, positioning the United States to lead the deployment of new technologies that support the transition, provide for our workers and communities, and create jobs and companies built to last.

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