SanDisk Extreme PLUS microSD card up to 50% off, but only for one day

Whether you need to expand the storage of your smartphone, laptop, or action camera, a good microSD card is always nice to have. Right now, you can purchase a SanDisk Extreme PLUS through Best Buy for as low as $26. The most affordable option is the 64GB model ($26 down from $48), but discounts range all the way up to the 512GB version ($115 down from $230). The exact percentage of discounts varies depending on the amount of storage you need, but most models are between 40-50% off.

The SanDisk Extreme PLUS microSD card delivers read speeds up to 170 MB/s and write speeds up to 90 MB/s. It’s fast enough for recording 4K UHD videos and taking high-resolution photos. It’s also A2-rated for fast app performance, which allows you to store apps from certain devices on the microSD card.

Fewer devices have microSD card slots than they used to, but some of the best Windows tablets have them. For example, Microsoft’s new Surface Go 3 features a microSD card slot. The Surface Pro 8 does not have a microSD slot. You’ll need to double-check if your device has a dedicated microSD slot or be willing to use a dongle.

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The current discount on the SanDisk Extreme PLUS through Best Buy only lasts until the end of the day, October 28, 2021. If you miss out on this deal, you may have to wait until Black Friday to find it for a similar price.

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