Samsung’s Xi’an memory plant is in full production despite the coronavirus

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Although numerous businesses in China have been affected by the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak, Samsung’s memory chip factory in Xi’an has been operating according to plan, reveals a Reuters report citing a Samsung Electronics spokesperson.Despite the Chinese government extending the Lunar New Year holidays amid the coronavirus outbreak, Samsung told Reuters that the Xi’an memory plant’s schedule hasn’t been affected in any way. In fact, the spokesperson confirmed that production did not stop at all during the holidays and that the plant continued operating as normal.Not every business in China is as lucky, evidently, and not even Samsung has been spared on all fronts. Only earlier today we’ve reported on the company’s biggest Experience Store in China shutting down temporarily due to fears of the coronavirus spreading. Samsung’s partners have also seen some shortage in production, and third-party cases for the Galaxy S20 lineup will arrive on the market later than originally planned.China is one of the biggest economies in the world, and countless consumer electronics and products are being manufactured there. So far, the unfortunate events surrounding the Wuhan coronavirus haven’t affected Samsung’s roadmap in any significant way, and hopefully, things will get back to normal soon and without further casualties.

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