Samsung’s virtual CES 2021 event will be focused on the next-gen TVs

CES 2021 hasn’t been canceled but the event will be taking place in a virtual environment, much like many other tech conferences throughout the year. Samsung Electronics will attend the virtual CES 2021 event and according to the official CES schedule, the company will host its conference on January 12 at 2:30 PM – 3:00 PM EET.

CES isn’t the place where Samsung unveils much about the mobile market and 2021 won’t be any different. However, Samsung’s conference will focus on its next-gen 8K Ultra HD TVs and possibly other related technologies such as sound bars and projectors.

Don’t hold your breath for QD-LED TVs to make an appearance

Samsung will discuss the future of its TV business at CES 2021 but we wouldn’t hold our breath for QD-LED TVs to make an appearance. This is because Samsung Electronics and Samsung Display have been ad odds in regards to the use of QD-LED technology, and according to a previous report, Samsung Electronics won’t acquire QD-LED from its Display arm – or any other display manufacturer. Instead it has reportedly decided to skip QD-LED TVs altogether.

It’s safer to expect Samsung to reveal a new 2021 lineup of OLED TVs and perhaps new sequels to its lifestyle models. It remains to be seen if Samsung will also be discussing further AI advancements for sound and video quality improvements.

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