Samsung’s upcoming powerbank to have 25W fast charging

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The days of fast charging our mobile devices is finally upon us. Well, at least for a couple of devices already in the market. And so the day has also come when we need power banks that will be able to give our supported devices fast charging. Samsung is set to release one very soon as the FCC has granted them certification for the upcoming device which will be able to charge devices at 25W. It’s expected to be released either with the Galaxy S11 or even earlier than February.

According to SAM Mobile, the new power bank that Samsung will release, simply called model number EB-U3300 for now, has already received its certification from the FCC. The specs indicated in the documents for the FCC filing confirm that it will be able to fast charge devices at 25W. This means that smartphones like the Galaxy Note 10, which can charge at 45W, will be able to quickly juice up using this power bank.

The SafetyKorea website also published some photos of the yet-to-be-released device and based on what we can see, there are two USB-C ports as well as a wireless charging pad on top of the power bank. If you didn’t know yet, the reason why there’s no USB-A output port is because only USB-C to USB-C cables can support charging for 25W and higher. The wireless charging pad will probably max out at 15W only, similar to what the other wireless charging pads have to offer.

The power bank’s capacity will probably be at 10,000 mAh, which is common to a lot of the bigger capacity power banks currently in the market. Of course the advantage of this one is that it can fast charge your device, if it supports fast charging, like for the Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy Note 10+, and the Galaxy A70. We assume that phones from other brands will also be able to fast charge although we can’t be sure if it can max out at 25W as well.

Now as to when we’ll see this in the market, that remains to be seen. People are assuming it will be launched this February together with the Galaxy S11. But it can also be earlier since there are already existing devices that can use it. We’ll find out more when both the Consumer Electronics Show and the Mobile World Congress news trickles in.

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