Samsung’s TV business in the USA over the past year was unbeatable

Samsung’s TV business has been quite successful in the era of social distancing and working from home. The company had topped an all-time high global market share earlier this year and Samsung’s position in the US market is now stronger than it’s ever been. According to a new report by Pulse citing market research firm Statista, Samsung took the lion’s share of the smart TV market in the USA and has distanced itself even further from its closest rival over the past 12 months.

After dominating the smart TV market for the past year, Samsung Electronics now holds 32% US market share and remains the top OEM in the region. This essentially means that one out of every three smart TVs sold in the USA over the past 12 months was made by Samsung.

The company distanced itself from the second most-influential TV maker in the USA, TCL, by an additional 1%. TCL is selling TVs under the Alcatel brand and it’s the second-largest TV maker in the USA with a 14% share. Vizio occupies third place with 13% market share.

Samsung’s expansive product ecosystem and promotions are hard to beat

Part of Samsung’s success in the US TV landscape is owed to the company’s rich product portfolio. You can buy a 32-inch 4K QLED Samsung TV in the USA for around $500 or you can get the dust and water resistant The Terrace for outdoor viewing in exchange for around $6,500. In other words, the company has a smart TV for almost everyone and every occasion, and no other OEM’s portfolio comes even close to Samsung’s.

Samsung also has the advantage of an all-encompassing ecosystem and customers can sometimes take advantage of discounts on TVs when buying products from other categories, such as smartphones. Last month the company launched the Total Home Event in the USA, allowing customers to get 25% cash back on select products including QLED TVs.

There’s no indication of Samsung’s TV business slowing down in the USA anytime soon and if the company maintains its momentum then it could increase its share even further in the upcoming quarters. Do you own a Samsung smart TV in the USA? How’s your experience been so far? Let us know in the comment section.

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