Samsung’s The Wall does the impossible by making waves in Japan

As far as electronics are concerned, there aren’t many markets that Samsung traditionally struggled to penetrate, but Japan’s commercial display segment is certainly one of them. Or was one of them, up until recently. Earlier this week, Japan’s largest display solutions provider – NGC – released two new commercial variants of The Wall, Samsung’s most awe-inspiring MicroLED product to date. Carrying model numbers IW012J and IW016J, both displays are already proving to be a hit among NGC’s corporate customers, a company official revealed.

In effect, it appears The Wall might finally allow Samsung to do the seemingly impossible and get a sizable foothold in Japan’s ultra-competitive market for commercial displays.

MicroLED isn’t just the future – it’s the present

The development does a lot to validate Samsung’s increasingly bullish stance on MicroLED technologies. Compared to traditional LED displays, The Wall is capable of displaying twice as many colors, including perfect blacks, all the while being completely modular. Such a significant technical advantage goes a long way in standing out amid the sea of digital signage that Japan is becoming, which would explain why The Wall is now making waves in the Far Eastern country.

Looking at the bigger picture, it’s still dubious whether Samsung can translate this momentum into sustainable success. After all, the Japanese commercial display market has a natural inclination toward domestic manufacturers. But so long as Sharp and NEC, the two largest names in the segment, remain unable to offer modularity beyond LCDs, The Wall seems well-positioned to capitalize on this growing B2B demand for futuristic commercial signage.

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