Samsung’s smartphones in India are priced higher after the GST increase

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Samsung India is adjusting its smartphone prices after the Indian government has decided to increase the goods and services tax (GST). Smartphones, as well as feature phones, are included in this category, and they will be subjected to an 18% tax starting today, up from 12%.91mobiles has acquired a list from retail sources, which seemingly reveals Samsung’s new prices for its entire lineup, ranging from its most affordable feature phone known as the Eider (E1200) to the Galaxy S20 series and the Galaxy Fold. Beginning today, retailers will offer the standard Galaxy S20 for INR 70,500 ($923) instead of the original INR 66,999 ($877) asking price.Meanwhile, the Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G carries an INR 97,900 ($1,282) price tag instead of INR 92,999 ($1,218). The Galaxy Fold’s price has increased from INR 164,999 ($2,162) to INR 173,835 ($2,277), while the Galaxy Z Flip will cost INR 115,890 ($1,518) as opposed to of INR 109,999 ($1,441). The Samsung Eider feature phone, along with other devices in this category, will also cost more. The Eider should now be available for INR 1,150 ($15.07), up from INR 1,100 ($14.41)Samsung is not the only company that’s being forced to hike the prices of its smartphones in India after the GST increase. Competitors from China including Oppo and Vivo have done the same. Technically speaking, none of these OEMs should be at an advantage or experience any changes as far as their market rivalry is concerned. As for how much more consumers will need to spend per device, you can refer to the lists below. Keep in mind that the information doesn’t come directly from Samsung so prices could vary slightly from one retailer to another.

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