Samsung’s semiconductor chips to be used in Volkswagen cars

Samsung, the world’s biggest memory chip maker, also designs chipsets for automobiles. A few years ago, the company acquired Harman International, a giant auto parts maker, to plant its feet firmly in the automobile category. Now, the South Korean firm has announced that it will supply auto chips to Volkswagen.

The South Korean tech giant said it would supply power management and connectivity chipsets for Volkswagen’s connected cars. The company’s 5G chipset for infotainment units will allow users to download and stream videos while on the go. This chipset is being used inside infotainment units that LG designs.

Electric components have increased exponentially with the increasing demand for connected and autonomous cars. Samsung’s power management IC will be used for a stable power supply to various components in Volkswagen’s cars.

Samsung’s third chip, which controls displays and cameras in connected cars, will also be used in German automaker’s cars. It is capable of handling up to four high-resolution displays and twelve cameras. It is used in the high-performance computer called In-Car Application Server (ICAS) 3.1.

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