Samsung’s rumored Bluetooth tracker to possibly launch January

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It’s not really news that Samsung is reportedly working on a Bluetooth tracker that may be similar to Tile and Apple’s AirTag. But it’s been a while since we’ve heard some news about it since there are other rumors and leaks about other upcoming Samsung products. Since the rumored January launch is just a few weeks away, new details about what has been called the Galaxy Smart Tag have come up including details from a certification authority in South Korea.

The folks at GSM Arena have pieced together information about the smart object tracker through various sources. The official model name is EI-T5300 and the South Korean certification board has a schematic of the device which gives us most of our sort-of official information. It looks like a thin device that will have a replaceable 3V CR2032 button cell battery. It’s been certified as a Bluetooth LE device so it will probably not have the more advanced UWB, LTE, or GPS features.

But it will have Bluetooth 5.1 so this means it will be able to power indoor navigation and tracking tags theoretically at 400m indoors and 1000m outdoors. It will also supposedly consume minimal power so your button cell battery should last you a long time. The translated description is “Smart Tag which has button for find phone and loud” which basically describes its main functionality.

As for other details, we’ll probably find out more in the next few weeks. Some documents say that there will be two colors available: black and oatmeal. They’re not necessarily exciting but you don’t look to smart tags to be fashionable anyway. How it will actually look is another question but so far there are no renders available so the we only have the schematic to base it on, hence the Tile comparisons.

The Galaxy Smart Tag, or whatever it will be called officially, is expected to be announced on January 14. This is when the 2021 Samsung flagship line, most likely the Galaxy S21, will be unveiled.

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