Samsung’s QLED TVs get Pantone Validated for great color accuracy

Samsung unleashed a barrage of TVs on us at CES 2022, including a new Neo QLED model which packed current-gen features like an HDMI 2.1 port. We got to spend some time with it on the exhibition floor and the experience was nothing short of mind-blowing.

Pantone has now announced a partnership with Samsung that certifies many of its upcoming QLED TVs as “Pantone Validated”.

Samsung is the first OEM to participate in these programs

Pantone says that 15 4K Samsung QLED TV models and five 8K models carry the certification. They can reportedly display all of 2,030 Pantone colours with great accuracy. It can also display every one of the 110 Pantone SkinTone Guide shades, which have been meticulously curated by measuring the skin tones of a wide range of ethnic groups.

As one of the leading authorities on colour science, Pantone ensures that only the best, most colour-accurate products get its certifications. Usually, a Pantone certification alone can add a few hundred dollars to a monitor/TV’s price tag. Iain Pike, Director of Licensing & Business Development at Pantone had the following to say:

“We’re proud to have Samsung be one of the first partners to add Pantone Validated for both PMS colors and skin tones. We look forward to users getting the chance to experience true color and skin tone within their products.”

The exact models of the Samsung QLED TV/monitor that have received the Pantone certifications are unknown at this point. However, we can expect it to pop up in the marketing material for said TVs, because a Pantone certification is an accolade worth parading. As mentioned earlier, it could raise the SKU’s prices a little.

Then again, QLED TVs already cater to a niche audience, so a few extra dollars here and there wouldn’t really matter, even less so for someone on the prowl for a high-end Samsung TV.

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