Samsung’s QD-OLED display gets global certification for outstanding picture quality

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Samsung unveiled its QD-OLED technology at CES 2022 last week. In fact, Sony has already announced its flagship OLED TV, which uses the QD-OLED panel. Alienware also unveiled its first QD-OLED monitor, featuring a high-refresh-rate display. Now, Samsung has announced that its new display technology has received multiple global certifications for outstanding picture quality.

The South Korean firm said that its QD-OLED display technology received three certifications from SGS for high brightness, wide viewing angles, and accurate colors. SGS is a Swiss multinational company that offers inspection, verification, testing, and certification services for various product categories.

The QD-OLED display received Pure RGB Luminance certification for 1,000 nits peak brightness and 100% luminance ratio. The display can also cover 110% of the DCI-P3 color gamut and 90% of the Rec.2020 color space. Moreover, the QD-OLED display offers ultrawide viewing angles, with a 75% luminance ratio and 60 degrees and a color shift of just 0.012 at 60 degrees.

Samsung started the mass production of QD-OLED display panels in November 2021, and various firms have already started using them in their monitors and TVs.

Ho Sun, Head of Strategic Marketing for Samsung Display’s Large Display Division, said, “As the video content industry, production technologies, platforms and communication infrastructures are rapidly growing, the demand for premium quality content is also quickly increasing. QD-Display is the answer to meeting this demand and offers consumers a new standard for viewing high-quality content at the highest picture quality.

Samsung QD-OLED Display SGS Pure RGB Luminance Certification

Samsung QD-OLED Display SGS True Color Tones Certification

Samsung QD-OLED Display Ultra Wide Viewing Angle Cerfitication

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