Samsung’s Pentastic module lets you customize S Pen functions

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The S Pen is the trusty companion of Galaxy Note owners and may actually be the main reason why people actually bought the phablet. We’re a bit tied to the standard features and functions of it but now a new Good Lock module can bring a bit of personalization and customization to your stylus. This module will let you change the appearance of your menus and even your S Pen cursor among other things. Of course, you will need to have Good Lock installed to your Galaxy Note device to be able to use this module.

SAM Mobile shares that Pentastic was created specifically for Galaxy Note devices. You will need to be running on the One UI 2.5 so that’s for newer Note devices, including the new Galaxy Note 20 series. It doesn’t actually bring new features to your stylus and your phablet but you will be able to at least customize some parts of it. And if you find your current functions and appearance a bit too staid, then this is something you can use to spice things up a bit or make it work better for you.

With Pentastic, you can change how the Air Commands menu looks like. Normally it just pops up when you pop out your S Pen. Instead of occupying almost your full screen, you will now be able to change it to a floating vertical strip with all the various apps that you can use your stylus with. Another thing this module brings is an S Pen shortcut if your “hold down S Pen button” isn’t working. You will be able to activate it by double-tapping the S Pen on the screen and holding its button down. You can assign an app that will be launched when doing this action or gesture.

You can also change the shape of your pointer instead of the tiny circle that is the default of the S Pen. You can choose from other options like a mouse cursor, a heart, and other shapes that will make using your stylus more fun. You will also be able to choose the sound that your S Pen will make when you pop it out of its holster. The customization options aren’t life-changing but they are interesting especially if you’ve been using a Galaxy Note device for some time now.

You can download Pentastic from the Galaxy Store but you will need to have Good Lock installed already. Your Galaxy Note also needs to run on One UI 2.5 so if it’s not yet, sorry but you’ll have to make do with your default S Pen functions.

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