Samsung’s new Galaxy Buds+ will look like the regular Galaxy Buds

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Samsung’s focus may be on launching as many new smartphones as possible at the moment, but the company is also busy preparing at least one new wearable device. That would be the Galaxy Buds+, an upgraded version of the rather excellent and popular Galaxy Buds. Not a lot has been revealed about the new wireless earbuds through leaks and rumors ever since they were confirmed to be in development, but Samsung itself has accidentally shown us what the Buds+ will look like.The APK file for the latest version of Samsung’s SmartThings app was stripped down by the folks over at XDA Developers and found to contain references to the Galaxy Buds+. Also included in the app are animations showing the charging case and the buds, revealing that the design for both will be the same as that of the Galaxy Buds and its charging case. The color pink has been confirmed as well – the Buds+ are likely to be available in black, white and blue as well, as we had previously learned from our sources.Unfortunately, there is still no information on what features the Buds+ will offer. Active noise cancellation to challenge Apple’s AirPods Pro seems likely, but that is simply speculation for now. However, the features of the Galaxy Buds+ probably won’t stay under wraps for long. Support pages for the Galaxy Buds+ are already online on Samsung’s website, so an official launch could happen at any time.

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