Samsung’s new Galaxy Book 3 Pro is turning out to be a big hit

Samsung’s global laptop market share is around 1% and the company is on a mission to increase that. It launched new laptops alongside the Galaxy S23 series last week for precisely this reason. Customers seem to be loving the new products.

The company has introduced multiple models, including a Pro 360, to provide customers with more variety. Pre-orders for the new laptops are open now and customers in Samsung’s home country can’t seem to get enough.

Korean customers can’t get enough of the Galaxy Book 3 Pro

According to local media reports, pre-orders for the Galaxy Book 3 Pro sold out as soon as they were available in South Korea. Samsung has competitively priced the new laptops at 1.88 million won (~$1,500) compared to other high-end notebooks in this segment.

It’s also incentivizing purchases by offering promotions. Customers are stacking these promotions with credit card discounts to further reduce the final purchase price to as low as 1 million won (~$800).

Industry watchers are of the view that Samsung has priced the Galaxy Book 3 Pro at a competitive price to try and increase its share in the global laptop market. “The fact that we carried out the Unpack event at the same time as the Galaxy smartphone shows that we are determined to grow the PC business,” said Lee Min-chul, VP of Samsung’s MX Division.

Samsung is indeed attaching more importance to its laptop business now than ever before. Launching the new model at Unpacked ensured greater visibility. It’s also improving the Galaxy ecosystem by providing Galaxy phone owners with additional features that let them make the most of their Samsung laptops. This approach is quite similar to Apple’s as the company has built an enviable ecosystem that provides enhanced functionality to MacBook and iPhone owners.

The latest Galaxy Book 3 Pro also comes with the latest Intel Core i9 processors with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 graphics, making the notebook a great option for gamers and creators alike. For now, all signs point to the possibility that the newest models will help Samsung expand its footprint in the global laptop market.

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