Samsung’s new Bespoke Jet Bot AI vacuum cleaner has improved performance

Samsung has launched its 2023 Bespoke Jet Bot AI vacuum cleaner. This Bespoke Jet Bot AI vacuum cleaner’s main feature is its better cleaning performance than the previous version. It comes with a new brush structure with double suction that is more capable of removing pet hair or human hair from carpets or other complex surfaces.

The Bespoke Jet Bot AI vacuum cleaner also has an upgraded AI self-driving function. This helps the vacuum cleaner accurately recognize any obstacles and understand the house’s structure to clean it thoroughly. The types of objects it can detect have also been improved. It can now identify people and cats in addition to household appliances, furniture, wires, and dogs, enabling more accurate and smart autonomous driving.

Like every other Bepsoke appliance, this Jet Bot AI vacuum cleaner also comes with SmartThings integration. On top of that, it also supports various pet care functions. A camera is installed on the vacuum cleaner, and it helps the owner keep an eye on their companion pet left alone at home in real-time. It can even record and save a video of the companion animal’s daily activities.

The camera also has some security features because it can detect abnormal barking or the pet not moving for a long time. In such a case, the Jet Bot AI vacuum cleaner will notify the guardian immediately. The UV LED inside the ‘Cleaning Station’ ensures that the dustbin is emptied after cleaning to negate the growth of germs inside the dust bag. The Bespoke Jet Bot AI vacuum cleaner comes in two colors: Satin Beige and Satin Sage Green. It is priced at KRW 1,599,000 (roughly $1.300) in South Korea.

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