Samsung’s new Bespoke appliances will connect you to sustainable, stylish lifestyle

Ahead of its Bespoke Life 2023 event, Samsung explained how user demands are changing and growing with changing times. In fact, with growing demands for smart homes, modern users are also inclined towards a sustainable future. This is the reason why consumers aren’t bothered by just the functionality of the device.

JH Han, CEO of Samsung DX, has explained what the company is planning to bring with its upcoming Bespoke lineup of home appliances for 2023.

SmartThings AI Energy will be launched in 65 more countries

Samsung’s Bespoke Life has brought in a change, and users now want an appliance that makes their lives easy, connected, stylish, and sustainable at the same time. Samsung has uniquely positioned itself and provides all of the characteristics listed above with its Bespoke products, right from smartphones to TVs to household appliances. They are also equipped with Samsung’s smart home connectivity platform, SmartThings.

The technologies and products that will be showcased at the Bespoke Life 2023 event can help reduce carbon emissions and save energy by up to 70% using SmartThings’ AI Energy Mode in various product categories. SmartThings AI Energy Mode will be launched in 65 more countries soon. To lower marine pollution, Samsung is building products with the ‘Easy for Everyone’ concept in collaboration with Patagonia for Less Microfiber Cycle and Less Microfiber Filter.

Samsung Bespoke products not only keep you connected but also keep your style game on point

SmartThings has brought over 270 million customers to a connected life, and more countries will get the feature soon. Last year, Samsung launched SmartThings Home with six services. This year, the company is bringing more advanced features under the theme of ‘Bringing Calm to Our Connected World.’ All of the current Bespoke products can be connected to Wi-Fi and can be used, operated, and maintained using smartphones (or any device with the SmartThings app).

Samsung Bespoke products not only bring sustainability and connectivity, but they also help create a stylish life. Ever since its launch, over 3 million Bespoke refrigerators have been sold worldwide. Users can customize the panels, colors, and textures of their Bespoke appliances and keep up with changing lifestyles.

Samsung will announce more details about its plans to expand its vision, keeping sustainability, connectivity, and style on focus on June 7 at the Bespoke Life 2023 event.

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