Samsung’s Neo QLED TVs use MediaTek’s Wi-Fi 6E chip

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Samsung’s Neo QLED TVs, which were unveiled during the company’s CES 2021 event earlier this year, use the Mini-LED backlighting technology for improved image quality. They also feature a faster processor for better performance, built-in multi-channel speakers for immersive audio, and Wi-Fi 6E for faster wireless connectivity.

The South Korean firm has now confirmed that its flagship Neo QLED TVs—QN900A and QN800A—use MediaTek’s Wi-Fi 6E chip. The MT7921AU connectivity chip features Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.2. It can reach peak Wi-Fi speeds of up to 1.2Gbps (provided that users have a Wi-Fi 6E router and sufficiently fast internet connectivity) by using the 6GHz spectrum to offer seamless 8K video streaming. Bluetooth 5.2 brings a wider range, faster data transfer speeds, and native support for truly wireless earphones and higher quality wireless audio codecs.

Samsung was the first brand in the world to introduce a Wi-Fi 6-equipped TV last year, and it became the first in the world to launch a Wi-Fi 6E TV. Similarly, the Galaxy S21 Ultra is the world’s first smartphone to feature Wi-Fi 6E connectivity. With the Wi-Fi 6E ecosystem slowly expanding, users can experience cutting-edge wireless technology for faster data speeds and quick access to internet services such as 8K video streaming and high-resolution cloud gaming.

Jerry Yu, MediaTek Corporate Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Intelligent Devices Business Group, said, “Consumers depend on fast, reliable connectivity, whether they are using their TV for streaming, gaming, or following along with workouts. Our collaboration with Samsung has been instrumental in bringing consumers the latest smart TV technology to support these uses and beyond. With our advanced connectivity technologies integrated into Samsung’s 8K TVs, we’re driving the premium smart TV segment forward globally.

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