Samsung’s latest sales promotion offers 25% cash back on various devices

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Samsung has launched a new sales promotion in the USA that allows customers to get 25% cash back on select products. Samsung calls it the Total Home Event and customers can take advantage of this offer until October 3. However, you won’t get 25% cash back on any device when you go to checkout; instead you’ll have to play by Samsung’s rules in order to be eligible for the offer. Here’s how it works:

Samsung’s Total Home Event covers three device categories including Home Appliances, Home Entertainment, and Mobile and Computing. Each category includes an expansive list of devices that are eligible for the promotion, ranging from the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Z Fold 2 to the Odyssey gaming monitors and the Jet vacuum series.

Samsung customers wanting to take advantage of the promotion have to first buy a device from these three categories. Then they need to purchase an additional qualifying product from a different category than the first and fill an online registration form to upload the proof of purchase. Once the application is reviewed and approved, customers will receive their 25% rebate in the mail in the form of a Prepaid Mastercard e-gift card.

You can check the official Total Home Event webpage for more details and a full list of Samsung products that are eligible for the 25% cash back. Keep in mind that the Total Home Event is available for customers who purchase eligible products online as well as from Samsung’s physical stores. The offer lasts until October 3 and customers have to upload their receipts before December 2.

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