Samsung’s latest Galaxy Fold video reminds you to take extra care of it

After a rough initial launch push, the Samsung Galaxy Fold was finally released at the beginning of the month. Samsung’s first foldable phone is already up for sale in South Korea and select European markets and the company is eager to remind you that you should take extreme caution of your new foldable phone.

The video goes over all the main design elements like the specially crafted polymer screen and the complex hinge mechanism. Samsung makes sure to remind viewers not to apply excessive pressure to the screen as it’s more susceptible to damage than traditional glass offerings. Another warning sign is to keep metal objects away from the phone as they can interfere with the magnets which help it fold.

Samsung’s latest video reminds you to take extra care of your Galaxy Fold

Due to the nature of its design, the Galaxy Fold does not come with any IP rating and Samsung reminds you to keep the phone away from any liquids and dust. The video ends with a reminder about the Galaxy Fold Premier Service which will give Galaxy Fold owners direct access to Samsung experts who can guide users if they have any questions or issues.

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