Samsung’s Good Lock app, modules ready in the Netherlands and EU

Samsung Good Lock

A few weeks ago, a new Samsung Good Lock module was introduced. It was called Wonderland that creates live wallpapers. The South Korean tech giant regularly works on Good Lock and adds modules but the changes and new stuff are not readily accessible in all markets. The Good Lock app and modules are not available in other countries in Europe and the Netherlands but good news, they are now ready in the region. Feel free to check the Galaxy Store and see if you can access the system.

The Good Lock personalization app can now be enjoyed in the Netherlands and some countries in Europe. There is no official announcement by Samsung but the app has appeared on the Galaxy Store according to a source. You could install it before manually or with APK files but this time, things are official as the app is readily downloadable.

More modules are also available like Wonderland, Pentastic, Theme Park, and Edgelighting+. The Good Lock app isn’t fully ready as some issues can be encountered. Only English modules are available, at least, for now.

We can look forward to more Good Lock modules and their expansion to more premium and mid-range phones. Don’t expect them on Galaxy M or the Galaxy A21s though. Cross your fingers the Good Lock app and modules will be available in more markets for more Galaxy devices.

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