Samsung’s Galaxy Fold 2 will most likely use UTG display

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A month ago information regarding the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 has leaked suggesting that it would use an entirely new display technology. In fact, since the phone is already in development, the company has already ordered a substantial amount. Now a EUIPO (European Intellectual Property Office) patent from Samsung confirms the company’s plans.

Samsung's Galaxy Fold 2 will most likely use UTG display

The new flexible layer is called UTG – from Ultra-Thin Glass. It can be applied to all sorts of electronics and types of displays but we suspect the main use case would be smartphones. The upcoming Galaxy Fold 2 next year is said to feature the UTG layer, which would fix some of the issues the original Fold had, namely the durability.

The UTG display would be more resistant to scratch, since it’s technically glass, and won’t need an additional protective layer on top. It’s estimated to be as thin as 30µm (as thin as human hair) going up to 100µm.

There are some caveats, of course. The UTG screen is hard to produce and quite expensive at the moment, although rumors suggest that the phone will cost less than the original Fold. It could probably compete with Motorola’s Razr 2019.


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