Samsung’s door-to-door repair “Your Service” now available in Canada

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In the light of current events that don’t allow consumers to step out of their houses, Samsung Canada has launched a new “Your Service” repair portal for its Canadian user base. It is similar to what we’ve seen in other locations countries around the world. Samsung tested the waters in Canada via its Montreal store and is now expanding its door-to-door service nationwide.

Users could already have a wide range of Samsung products such as smartphones, tablets and wearables home delivered. Now, they also have the option to have someone from the company come to their doorstep and pick up damaged peripherals for repair.

Get your devices repaired from the comfort of your home

There is an option to request technical assistance from experts as well. Some of the more tech-savvy users out there have an option to request remote assistance via Samsung technicians, thereby saving both parties time.

One can schedule a repair for any Samsung Galaxy-branded product via Samsung’s official website, Live Chat or by calling 1-800-SAMSUNG. Once your device has been picked up, Samsung will provide real-time updates via email and text and promises a turn-around time of no more than three days. While the actual repairs and shipping will incur no costs, you’ll still have to pay for any replacement parts that may have been used. The same applies to out-of-warranty devices.

Lastly, Samsung will also sanitize all devices with UV light before shipping them back to users. This practice has been gaining prevalence across the world, given that traditional sanitisers do not play well with delicate electronics. Unlike certain markets, it appears that all Samsung Galaxy products sold in Canada are eligible for the program.

Then again, Samsung doesn’t sell a whole lot of devices in Canada outside of a few high-end smartphones, tablets and wearables. Canada is one of the more ‘premium’ markets out there and Samsung would do well to keep its user base satisfied. You can find out more about the program on Samsung Canada’s dedicated landing page.

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