Samsung’s cloud-based tool, NetLiner, to boost 5G operator profits in USA

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Zhilabs, the network analytics company that was acquired by Samsung back in 2018, has just announced NetLiner; a new product designed to give 5G operators in the USA the best set of automated tools for analyzing and managing their networks, all the while boosting profits and quality of services (QoS).Instead of relying on big data analytics, NetLiner leverages AI to collect information across all parts of a network. The cloud-based automated system promises to boost returns on 5G network investments by giving operators vital information on how they can improve Net Promoter Scores (NPS) and deliver pro-active customer support.NetLiner offers deep-visibility troubleshooting, performance predictions, as well as latency and bandwidth performance monitoring in Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) scenarios. With advanced network insights at their disposal, operators can not only improve their customers’ experience but also create new revenue streams to increase 5G profitability.Samsung has revealed that Zhilabs is already collaborating with ‘leading Tier-1 operators’ to apply the NetLiner automated system, but it didn’t name any names. Nevertheless, Samsung has been helping various US-based operators on their 5G journeys, including Verizon Wireless, Sprint, and U.S. Cellular. Earlier this year, the company also acquired TeleWorld Solutions in anticipation of increasingly-high demand for 5G network solutions in the USA.

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