Samsung’s bonkers 240Hz curved gaming monitor gets a massive discount

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The Odyssey G9 is one of the most bonkers gaming monitors on the market, partly thanks to its stunning 1000R curvature and size. But because of its many qualities, the Odyssey G9 isn’t what you’d call an affordable product. It’s a top-tier monitor aimed at the most demanding gamers out there, so it commands a relatively high price. Thankfully, prospective buyers can now save a whopping $400 on the Odyssey G9 gaming monitor, thanks to a new Amazon deal.

The deal concerns the Odyssey G9 QLED variant boasting a 240Hz refresh rate. It usually costs $1,399, but customers can now buy it for a lower price than the 120Hz variant. The latter is available for $1,148, but this new discount allows customers to purchase the 240Hz model for $999.

What do you get in exchange for spending $999 on a gaming monitor?

First things first, the 240Hz refresh rate allows the monitor to render 240 frames per second, assuming that your PC can handle the task. More so, the Odyssey G9 supports both NVIDIA G-SYNC and FreeSync Premium Pro, which allows the panel to match the frames rendered by your GPU and prevent the screen tearing effect.

The Odyssey G9 is also one of the most immersive gaming monitors on the market because of its shape and size. It has a 49-inch diagonal, an ultra-wide 32:9 aspect ratio, and an incredible 1000R curvature. It’s a fantastic choice for flight sim or racing sim fans who may not want to invest in a multi-monitor setup or an expensive virtual reality headset. That’s not to say you can’t hook up multiple Odyssey G9 monitors to the same PC and extend your field of vision even further.

Check the link below if you’ve been waiting for another opportunity to buy the Odyssey G9 gaming monitor at a discount, and stay tuned throughout this holiday shopping season for more exciting Samsung deals.

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