Samsung’s Among Us livestream on Twitch is giving away prizes today

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Samsung has teamed up with esports organization Gen.G for an upcoming, imminent event on the streaming platform Twitch, and the company has prepared mobile product giveaways for gamers and fans. If you haven’t followed Samsung’s official Twitch channel before then the company is giving plenty of reasons today, especially if you’re a fan of the online multiplayer video game Among Us and/or a fan of streamers: Shubble, OMGChad, Strawburry, and Gen.G creator Sydeon, or a fan of Loren Gray and JoJo Siwa who will be headlining the event.

The livestream will be revolving around the popular online video game Among Us. The premise of the game is that players are stranded on a spaceship with one player – who is picked at random – acting as the Impostor on its way to sabotage the ship. The other players – called Crewmates – are unaware of who the Impostor might be, and doubting another player is a core part of the experience. It quickly becomes a game of lies, deceit, and a lot of humor.

Viewers have a chance to win Samsung prizes

The two-day event will be headlined by Loren Gray and JoJo Siwa who will be joined by a third celebrity mystery guest on the second day. The livestreamed event is scheduled to kick off later today, November 23, at 7 pm EST on Samsung’s official Twitch channel.

Viewers can follow and interact with the stream, ask questions and guess who the Mystery Gamer might be using #SamsungMysteryGamer for a chance to win prizes. Winners will be entered into giveaways for Galaxy products throughout the event.

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