Samsung’s AI-powered home appliances takes energy saving to the next level

Samsung has announced how its AI-powered and eco-conscious home appliances help deliver the ultimate energy savings at home. These appliances help to achieve an additional 10% savings to the highest industry standard under the new European energy labelling system. The kitchen is the main focus area for Samsung because it is the place where most of the appliances are perpetually running.

To curb energy consumption and reduce carbon footprint, Samsung has designed refrigerators to not only be energy efficient but also optimize food storage, cool quickly using Metal Cooling, maintain a stable range within 0.5-degree C fluctuations, and more. Thanks to that, Samsung refrigerators are ranked number one in the category and help provide an extra 10% savings on top of the current best energy rating standard.

Samsung home appliances have the most advanced tech, but they are also the best when it comes to energy efficiency

As noted in the official post, with the help of SmartThings Energy with AI Energy Mode, these refrigerators are intelligently equipped to reduce energy usage by up to 30%. On the other hand, the Bespoke AI washers from Samsung use the latest washing technologies. This not only provides the quickest, most powerful laundry experience but also helps to achieve 10% extra energy savings.

Samsung has equipped its Bespoke washing machines with multiple technologies, one of which is the Eco Bubble, “which cuts energy usage by delivering powerful cleaning with cold water without having to heat water.

In this sustainable home package, Samsung also has its Eco Heating Systems (EHS). These are meant to provide efficient floor heating and hot water. With the new Scroll Compressor, Flash Injection Technology, and a large heat exchange area, these heaters have an increased flow of heat transference, offering better energy savings.

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