Samsung’s 980 PRO SSD will soon get a heatsink upgrade for the PS5

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The Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5) console got a firmware update that enabled the M.2 SSD expansion slot earlier this week, and the Samsung 980 PRO SSD is without a doubt one of the best choices on the market for PS5 owners looking to expand their storage. There’s but one issue, namely the fact that the 980 PRO doesn’t have a heatsink. Fortunately, Samsung will address this shortcoming before the end of the year.

The 980 PRO SSD doesn’t have a heatsink because it technically doesn’t require one. But since the PS5 console doesn’t have as much airflow as a regular PC, it requires the use of a heatsink when installing an M.2 SSD. This is true regardless of the SSD’s brand. It’s a requirement of the PS5 itself and not a limitation of the 980 PRO.

Third-party heatsinks already exist for all sorts of SSD models, but regardless, Samsung is taking matters into its own hands. It will reportedly make it easier for PS5 users to upgrade their storage by releasing a heatsink for the 980 PRO later this year. Pricing and availability details are unknown, and it’s not entirely clear if the heatsink will be sold only as a separate item or if the 980 PRO will be re-released bundled with the heatsink later this year.

The 980 PRO SSD is powerful enough to surpass the PS5’s bandwidth, and it’s available in four storage configurations. Samsung is presently selling it at a discount.

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