Samsung Wireless Charger Trio Pad offers triple charging power

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Samsung Wireless Charger Trio Pad

The Wireless Charger Trio is another new product from Samsung. It’s a triple charging pad that can give power to your smartphone, wireless earbuds, and smartwatch. Of course, we’re referring to the latest Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy Buds Live, and the Galaxy Watch 3 as presented in the photo. The devices have their designated positions on the pad. The wireless earbuds can be inside the wireless charging case while charging. You can’t see it in the image above but the right part of the pad is a dimple on the surface for the smartwatch.

The Samsung charging pad includes three LED indicators–one for each device. They show the charging status. This isn’t the first wireless charger from the South Korean tech giant but this one is sleeker.

The design is also more elevated now. It’s very minimalist yet functional as it can charge three devices at the same time. It takes advantage of Qi wireless charging tech but no details on the charging power or charging time yet. We just know the previous Wireless Charger Duo pad could handle 12W of wireless charging.

The price could be around $100 which is similar to the predecessor. This one will be more advanced so we won’t be surprised if there will be a slight increase. It offers triple charging now so it should be more powerful than the older version.

The Samsung Wireless Charger Trio Pad was introduced during the recent Life Unstoppable virtual event. It was where the Galaxy A42 5G, Galaxy Fit 2, and the Galaxy Tab A7 were also announced. The Wireless Charger Trio is available in either white or black.

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