Samsung will start testing the Galaxy S11 periscope camera soon

Reports coming out of South Korea indicate that Samsung will soon receive test sockets for the Galaxy S11 periscope camera. Those are manufactured by fellow Korean company MecaTech Systems.

Test sockets are used to do a final check of the hardware before the manufacturer starts shipping components. MecaTech makes regular smartphone cameras in addition to periscope cams, along with ToF modules.

Rumor has it that Samsung will opt for 5x optical zoom for the Galaxy S11 instead of a midway focal length – say, 3x zoom. The main camera on the phone is said to feature a 108MP sensor inside a module by Samsung Electro-Mechanics.

Galaxy S11 periscope camera test socket
Galaxy S11 periscope camera test socket

A curious rumor has surfaced, saying that Samsung’s new flagship will feature a spectrometer. Those analyze the chemical composition of objects and could, for example, estimate the calorie content of food or determine the alcohol content of drinks. This can obviously be leveraged for health tracking and will fill the gap left by the missing heart rate sensor.

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