Samsung will start making chips for XR devices

Samsung is expected to unveil a new XR (Extended Reality) headset sometime later this year or the first half of next year. The company could compete with Apple’s first XR device that is scheduled to be unveiled as soon as next month. The South Korean firm is now planning to develop chips for XR deviecs.

System LSI, Samsung’s arm that designs Exynos processors and ISOCELL camera sensors, has started taking its first step toward making processors for XR devices. The company plans to venture into the XR chip market as more companies will start launching their XR devices after the launch of Apple’s and Samsung’s XR headsets over the next year. According to a report from KEDGlobal, the company plans to compete with Google and Qualcomm.

Samsung’s System LSI plans to develop Exynos chips for XR devices

The South Korean firm could design completely new chips or modify existing ones to suit XR devices. These chipsets are used to run the operating system and applications, calculate data from sensors, and track a user’s movements. XR devices can create experiences like live translating languages, immersive meetings, and navigation with rich data overlaid on top of reality.

Counterpoint Research’s report claims that over 110 million XR devices could be sold yearly by 2025, a massive jump from the current 18 million units per year. The whole XR devices market could reach sales of $50.9 billion by 2025, up from $13.9 billion in 2022. Samsung MX (Mobile Experience) has partnered with Google (for OS) and Qualcomm (for processor) for its first XR headset.

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