Samsung will soon stop showing ads in its stock apps

Last year, Samsung started to show ads and promotions in some of its stock apps like Samsung Music, Samsung Pay, and Samsung Weather. Galaxy smartphone and tablet users were pretty outraged over this move and questioned whether they should continue buying products from Samsung. Now, it is being reported that those ads might go away soon.

It is being reported that TM Roh, President and Head of Mobile Communications Business, Samsung Electronics, mentioned during the company’s online town hall meeting that ads will soon go away from Samsung’s stock apps. An employee-only online meeting was conducted earlier today at Samsung, and one of the employees asked TM Roh why the company’s stock apps contain ads. TM Roh replied saying that the ads will go away in future builds of Samsung Pay, Samsung Weather, and more. He also mentioned that Samsung listens to the voices of employees and users.

This is definitely a good move from Samsung. Combined with its longer software update policy and frequent security updates, the removal of ads will help the South Korean firm from distinguishing itself from most other Chinese smartphone brands like Xiaomi that have been eating Samsung’s business. Almost all smartphones from Chinese brands show push notifications and ads in their stock apps.

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