Samsung will send your selfie and a Galaxy S10 5G into the stratosphere

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Samsung Electronics is celebrating its 50th anniversary with an exciting space-themed marketing campaign/contest called SpaceSelfie. The company will launch a Galaxy S10 5G into the Earth’s stratosphere using high-altitude balloons, and Samsung fans will have an opportunity to send a selfie along with it.One of the reasons why SpaceSelfie is exciting is that contest winners will receive a photo captured in the stratosphere featuring planet Earth as the background. Said Galaxy S10 5G will display selfies on the screen and will serve as the foreground. It’s basically a photo of your photo shown on a Galaxy S10 5G, captured in the Earth’s stratosphere.Send your selfie, or your cat’s, into the stratosphere with SpaceSelfieYou can check the video below for an official introduction to the idea of SpaceSelfie, but in short, it’s a contest with 65.000 randomly-picked winners. That’s the number of user-sent images Samsung will send into the stratosphere once the winners will be determined. The video suggests the contest is not limited to selfies and that other types of photos are allowed, such as group shots or pet photos.

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