Samsung will not sell the Galaxy Fold 5G in the United States

Samsung is one of the very few manufacturers offering 5G-capable smartphones in the United States. Major carriers in the country have already launched their 5G networks in select areas. Even as the company strives to get a bigger piece of the 5G pie, Samsung has decided not to sell the Galaxy Fold 5G in the United States.That’s a shame for customers in the United States who would have been willing to get the 5G variant. They’ll now have to make do with the LTE variant even though Samsung is selling the 5G variant in other markets.Galaxy Fold 5G won’t be sold in the USThe Galaxy Fold is going to be available for purchase in South Korea from tomorrow. Customers in Samsung’s home country will get the 5G variant by default. It’s not selling the LTE-only variant in South Korea.Samsung will then be releasing the Galaxy Fold in Europe. It will be out in France, Germany and the United Kingdom on September 18. These markets will get the LTE Galaxy Fold by default but Samsung will offer the 5G variant in the United Kingdom and Germany in the coming weeks. A spokesperson for Samsung confirmed at IFA 2019 in Berlin today that the company will not be selling the Galaxy Fold 5G in the United States. No specific reason was given for this decision.Perhaps the company decided to make this decision because of the lack of carrier support. AT&T is the only mobile carrier in the United States to carry the Galaxy Fold. While T-Mobile was initially going to carry it, it decided after the delay that it wasn’t going to sell the Galaxy Fold anymore.Are you disappointed that the Galaxy Fold 5G won’t be coming to the United States? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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