Samsung will not sell Galaxy Home Mini on its own just yet

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When Samsung finally announced that their previously announced and long-awaited first smart speaker will finally hit the market, fans thought they would finally be able to get hold of the Galaxy Home Mini. While it is partly true, it looks like the only way for you now to get one is to buy their newest flagship, the Galaxy S20. The smart speaker is being offered as a freebie when you pre-order it in South Korea. And it will apparently not be sold separately just yet.

Tizen Help says that previously, there was a leak on the Samsung website showing that the Galaxy Home Mini was going to launch on February 12. The page or post was immediately deleted and the date came and went without us seeing the smart speaker. A Samsung representative in South Korea confirmed that it will not be sold separately right now, although they did not give any reason why this is so.

So the only option now is to pre-order any of the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+, or Galaxy S20 Ultra so you can get a free Galaxy Home Mini. The smart speaker will start shipping by March 6. But not everyone would, of course, need a new smartphone and the new flagship devices aren’t exactly flying off the shelves pre-order wise. The leaked page from Samsung showed that the Galaxy Home Mini is priced at $83 so not many would shell out a thousand dollars for a phone + smart speaker.

The Galaxy Home Mini was initially announced in 2018, alongside the Galaxy Note 9. So when we say it’s a long time coming, it really is a long time coming. We’ve seen beta tests and leaked photos and videos, until the announcement earlier this month that it will be a freebie for the new flagships. Hopefully they will release it on its own soon as well.

Samsung had better hurry of course since brands like Amazon and Google have been releasing smart speakers for some time now. Samsung is pretty late in the game but fans of the brand have been eagerly awaiting this so they should take advantage of the renewed excitement.

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