Samsung was the 2nd most innovative tech company of 2021 patent-wise

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Capital on Tap has deemed Samsung Electronics one of this year’s most innovative companies on account of the large number of tech patents it secured. Like last year, Samsung was the 2nd most innovative tech company of 2021 behind Huawei.

Samsung Electronics applied for 9,499 patents in 2021, whereas Huawei led with 9,739 patents. However, Samsung is the most innovative company overall, by far — at least judging by the total number of tech patents it secured in 2021 and previous years combined, i.e., 263,702 vs. Huawei’s 100,116.

Biggest innovators over the last decade

Samsung Electronics was among the top 10 innovators over the last decade in several areas, including virtual and augmented reality (VR / AR), 5G technologies, artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI / ML), and autonomous driving.

In VR / AR, Samsung was the sixth biggest patent holder over the last decade, with 1,070 patents. The company was fourth in 5G technologies with 3,173 patents and second in AI and ML technologies (6,360 patents).

As for autonomous driving technologies, Samsung was the fifth largest innovator in the past ten years and secured 619 patents. LG Electronics led the segment with 1,889 patents.

Samsung hasn’t secured as many patents as other rivals since 2011, but even so, the company has a rich-enough back catalog to keep it at the top of the list. It has a lead of more than 50,000 patents over Sony — the second largest tech patent holder.

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