Samsung W20 5G teased by China Telecom

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Samsung W20 5G

Samsung is expected to release another Galaxy Fold smartphone. The South Korean tech giant recently teased a clamshell foldable phone. It was only a concept but we started imagining the possibility. An image surfaced online that refers to a W20 5G smartphone from China Telecom. Details are scarce but it is believed to be from Samsung for China. It is also not clear if this is a foldable Android phone or just a flip phone similar to old the Galaxy Folder clamshell phone.

The next foldable phone will be a clamshell phone. That is something Samsung already announced but we have no information when exactly. Rumor has it China will receive the device first according to the image above.

The Samsung W20 5G teaser was shared by China Telecom. It is said to be the next phone from Samsung. It looks like another regular flip smartphone but it looks nothing like the Samsung Galaxy Folder 2.

The device is known as SM-W2020 internally and it could very well be the W20 5G. It can also be a follow up to the Galaxy Folder 2 from the year 2017 that was released in the market in two colors.

The Samsung SM-W2020 is different from the original Galaxy Fold and the next-gen Galaxy Fold—SM-F900F and SM-F700. SM-F refers to Samsung foldable phones while the SM-W code was previously used for Samsung flip phones.

No information on specs and features of the Samsung W20 5G but we can assume it will offer 5G connectivity, will be “foldable”, and will have a tall screen. It may also come in white and black and with 512GB onboard storage among others. Let’s wait and see for an official announcement from either Samsung or China Telecom.

We believe it’s happening soon but what do think the Samsung W20 5G will be: a foldable phone or a clamshell phone?

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