Samsung UV Sterilizer ready to kill bacteria, germs, and virus

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Samsung UV Sterilizer Photo

We never imagined a person’s level of OC-ness can still increase. In this time when people can get crazy and paranoid with all the viruses available, it’s recommended that you disinfect your stuff and surroundings regularly. Now getting more popular in the market are UV sterilizers that claim to kill up to 99.99% of bacteria and viruses. To be honest, we’ve started searching for related products we can use at home. There are plenty of choices but we learned that not all UV products are created equal.

Most of those UV sterilizers, UV wands, UV air purifiers, or UV lamps you see being sold online are not effective. Just watch videos on YouTube and you’ll know some of them only use LED lights. Most of them are from China.

Not that we’ve lost all confidence in China-made products but there are a lot of items manufactured there that are subpar. The trick is you only buy from known or tried-and-tested names. As for Samsung, it’s not a Chinese brand but it has ventured into the UV sterilization game by introducing the UV Sterilizer.

The Samsung UV Sterilizer disinfects your stuff with radiation UV-C. It claims to kill bacteria found on the surface of your smartphones or other smart devices. It’s true that phones are very dirty but with this thing from Samsung, you can zap those germs away.

The UV Sterilizer from Samsung is a compact box that can carry your phone or other smart devices. It can also disinfect your keys, earbuds, watch, sunglasses, or anything that can fit inside. Those headphones can be cleaned within 10 minutes per side.

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