Samsung US cancels original Galaxy Fold pre-orders, offers $250 credit

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Galaxy Fold enthusiasts in the United States seem to be getting the short end of the stick. Not only will the foldable phone launch later in the USA compared to Europe, but it seems that Samsung has now canceled all of the original Galaxy Fold pre-orders registered stateside.Samsung’s statement sent out to customers who have pre-ordered the phone explains that the company has decided to ‘rethink the entire customer experience’ and, as a result, will cancel existing pre-orders.Samsung offers $250 credit as a token of appreciationOn the bright side, customers who have had their Galaxy Fold pre-orders canceled have received $250 credit from Samsung. It can be used towards purchasing products from or to even lower the Galaxy Fold’s $2,000 price tag. Quite generous indeed!On the other hand, those who have pre-ordered the foldable device early on will no longer be in front of the queue. They’re effectively in the same pool of customers as everyone else, which may cause some frustration. For whatever reason, Samsung decided not to give these customers priority and push them to the front of the line.The reason behind the pre-order cancelation is rather vague

We already knew that Samsung is going to treat the Galaxy Fold as a luxury device and owners would take advantage of ‘concierge-like service.’ And although the company did recently announce the Galaxy Fold Premier Service, this might have nothing to do with ‘rethinking the entire customer experience’ and canceling early pre-orders.The real reasons could very well be related to the fact that T-Mobile is no longer interested in offering the Galaxy Fold on its network, and also because two of the original color options – Martian Green and Astro Blue – have been scrapped globally. Therefore, many SKUs (stock keeping units) may have had to be purged. Whatever the case may be, the old pre-orders have officially been canceled.The Galaxy Fold will be available in Space Silver and Cosmos Black, and will reportedly hit the US market on September 27, although Samsung has yet to confirm this. Do you count yourself among the early adopters who have had their pre-orders canceled? How do you feel about this whole thing and the $250 credit? Feel free to drop us a line below.

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