Samsung updates SmartThings app for iPhones, iPads

Samsung has released a new update to its SmartThings app for iPhones and iPads. The new update offers some UI and UX improvements to make it easier to check the status of smart home devices and control them. The updated version of the app also makes it easier to invite other members of your family to control devices.

Updated SmartThins app for iOS and iPadOS makes it easier to invite family members to your account

The new version (1.7.01) of the SmartThings app for iOS and iPadOS brings a UX change that shows the top side of the Favorites tab with a sweeping view of the device status information of your entire home. For example, it shows how many devices are connected, the current weather conditions, and which devices are offline. It also shows if they devices are connected to the internet.

The updates SmartThings app also allows you to invite others to your smart home account by simply using the Share Link menu. Head over to the Favourites tab, tap the + button at the top of the screen, and then choose the Invite Member option. This makes it easier to invite other members in the family to control smart home devices in your home.

You can now install the new version of the SmartThings app if you have an iPhone or an iPad. Over the past few months, Samsung added support for Matter to its iOS and iPadOS apps, bringing compatibility with more smart home devices.

Samsung SmartThings Update iOS Changelog

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