Samsung updates Good Lock with new S Pen features, keyboard and wallpaper customization

Some will say that Good Lock is a great reason to stick with Samsung as it enables cool customization options and the app just keeps getting better. The latest update enhances the S Pen and on-screen keyboard along with adding a ton of visual flair.

Starting with the S Pen, Pentastic lets you set themes (both visual and audio) and even change the size and shape of the pointer (which shows up when you hover the stylus). Even better, you can choose which app to launch when you double tap the screen with the S Pen’s button held down.

The upcoming Keys Café feature will let you set the height, width and position of the keyboard and even reorder the key layout. Besides helping you make the stuffy old QWERTY more comfortable to use, this feature will also let you set set themes and dynamic effects.

There will be a typing game too, to help you hone your chat skills and reduce typos. Note: Keys Cafe requires a phone running One UI 2.1 or higher, tablets and foldables are not supported.

If cutesy themes are your thing, the Wonderland app will add some 3D particle effects and decals to spice up your wallpaper (requires One UI 2.0+, again tablets and foldables not invited).

Home Up’s new Share Manager feature will soon allow you streamline the sharing process by hiding certain commands, e.g. Share Nearby and Direct Share (requires One UI 2.5+).

If you have a Galaxy Tablet with a Book Cover Keyboard attached, the I ♡ Galaxy Tablet feature of MultiStar allows you to share the keyboard with your phone for easy typing (One UI 2.5+).

The Pentastic and Wonderland are available now, Share Manager and Keys Café will come in early October.


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