Samsung unveils Global Goals edition Kvadrat case for Galaxy S20+

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Samsung is introducing a new Kvadrat case for the Galaxy S20+ called the Global Goals edition. It looks the same as the regular Kvadrat case, except the ‘Kvadrat’ brand tag has been replaced with a Global Goals one, as seen in the image above. Additionally, Samsung revealed that a portion of revenue from sales of the Global Goals edition will be donated to UNDP. The Global Goals edition will be available in select markets only, but launch details are yet unclear.In addition to the Galaxy S20+ case, Samsung will also release new Kvadrat textile wrist straps for the Galaxy Watch Active 2, but they don’t seem to be a part of the Global Goals initiative.

Kvadrat accessories are made from recycled plastic bottles turned into eco-friendly polyester yarns. The company can create two Galaxy S20+ phone cases from a single 500ml plastic bottle, and they can be dyed into different colors.You don’t need the Global Goals edition case to support the causeThe Global Goals edition of the Kvadrat case offers another channel through which Samsung fans can support the initiative. However, Galaxy fans can always support Global Goals even without the special edition Kvadrat case. Therefore, if the accessory won’t be launched in your country, you might still be able to offer your support through the dedicated Global Goals app.Samsung introduced the app about half a year ago and came pre-loaded on the Galaxy Note 10 series. It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, Galaxy Store, or as an APK from our archive. The app essentially allows users to support charitable causes by viewing ads when charging the device and so on. The Global Goals app was recently updated to include new payment methods and ways for users to donate money using Samsung Pay or Google Pay.

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