Samsung unveils 2023 Bespoke Windless ACs, Cube Air Purifier with SmartThings

On January 26, unveiled its new Bespoke Windless AC lineup and the Bespoke Cube Air Purifier. This is Samsung’s newest product lineup for 2023. Samsung first launched the wind-free AC back in 2016. ASHRAE standards define winds of 0.15 m/s or less without cold draft as still air.

The new 2023 Bespoke Windless Air Conditioner lineup has a “silhouette design” and SmartThings connectivity. It has received 1st and 2nd grades in energy consumption efficiency. Bringing sustainability on board, the Bespoke Windless Air Conditioner uses eco-friendly R32 refrigerant, and the remote control is powered by a solar cell, negating the need for disposable batteries.

It comes with SmartThings connectivity that will make it easier to control the AC and apply energy-saving practices. The Bespoke Windless AC comes with 8 levels of airflow to manage it more conveniently. The new Easy Care AI feature removes dust particles by 99.9% with its copper sulfide components. Buyers can choose among 7 attractive colors, and the Bespoke Windless AC Gallery will cost you KRW 3.22 million to KRW 6.79 million. The Bespoke Windless AC Classic costs anywhere between KRW 2.87 million and 3.12 million, depending on the cooling area.

Samsung Bespoke Windless AC 2023

The Bespoke Cube Air Purifier comes with a care filter that can be customized as per the user’s needs. The AC features enhanced deodorization to remove odors, comes with an AI saving mode to save energy consumption, automated SmartThings to easily control the AC, customized Clean AI+ that manages air quality inside the house, and much more.

The Bespoke Cube Air air purifier is available in four colors, and the price ranges from KRW 790,000 to KRW 1.74 million, depending on the type and clean area requirements.

Samsung Bespoke Windless AC 2023

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