Samsung unable to catch up with Xiaomi in the Indian smartphone market

Although Samsung managed to secure its lead in the global smartphone market in Q3, 2021, the situation in India is quite different. The company lost out majorly to arch-rival Xiaomi in Q2, 2021, and the situation is more or less the same this time around according to a new report by market research firm Canalys.

The number of smartphones shipped throughout the country has dropped overall compared to last year. It is a lot better than the Q2, 2021 volume, though. We can expect things to get better in Q4 once the festive season hits since more people will be out to purchase electronics.

Samsung continues to play second fiddle to Xiaomi in India

Xiaomi and its sub-brands such as POCO and Redmi continue to dominate the Indian smartphone market with a 24% share and over 11.2 million units shipped. Samsung comes in second with a share of 19% and 9.1 million units shipped, followed by Vivo and Realme, which has a market share of 17% and 16%, respectively.

Samsung’s lead over the two is by no means significant and could evaporate in the coming quarters if it is not careful. To Samsung’s credit, it has somewhat managed to bridge the gap between itself and Xiaomi in India. However, Samsung has a long way to go before it can reclaim its throne that it lost not too long ago.

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