Samsung UK & Klarna offer more online Galaxy flagship payment options

Samsung Electronics UK and Swedish online financial service provider Klarna have teamed up to offer more payment methods for products sold through Samsung’s online shops.The partnership allows prospective buyers to choose between three additional payment methods at check-out on Customers in the UK can decide to pay for the purchase in 30 days via Pay later, in 3 months via Pay in 3, or across a period of 4 years through the Slice it offer. Pay later is available for purchases of up to £250; Pay in 3 applies to purchases worth £250-£1000, and Slice it covers purchases worth more than £250 (an upper limit hasn’t been mentioned).Klarna continues to support Samsung’s Upgrade ProgramIn addition to offering three new payment methods for Samsung products purchased online in the UK, Klarna confirmed it will continue to support Samsung’s flagship Upgrade Program, allowing eligible customers to upgrade to a new Galaxy flagship model in exchange for 24 monthly payments.Samsung’s Upgrade Program was devised a few years ago to give Galaxy flagship enthusiasts more cost-effective upgrade options every year. Members can return their existing flagship device for a new one at a discounted price. Given how Samsung’s top-tier phones have been in an upward price trajectory over the years – and especially now after the Galaxy Fold surpassed the $2,000 price mark – it wouldn’t be surprising if an increasing number of customers will decide to make use of the Program as time goes by.Either way, the variety of payment options offered by Samsung’s e-store should gain the attention of more prospective buyers who might now be able to find a payment method that suits their needs. You can check for more details.Do you rock a 2018 Galaxy flagship or have you already upgraded to a 2019 model? Join us in the comment section below.

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