Samsung TV True Fit uses AR to let you see which TV model fits your wall

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If you’re in the market for a new Samsung TV and you reside in Canada then you’re in for an augmented reality treat. A new AR-based mobile app called Samsung TV True Fit allows you to see which one of Samsung’s TVs would be the perfect fit for your room.Interestingly enough, Samsung TV True Fit is neither a first-party app (which explains the use of an iPhone in the video below) nor is it a third-party app. It’s technically a second-party app developed by Gravity Jack at Samsung’s request, even though it could have probably been a part of Bixby Vision along with existing AR features like Home décor. In any case, Samsung TV True Fit is published on the Play Store (and Apple Store) by Gravity Jack but the app is approved by Samsung.Samsung TV True Fit lets you search for nearby retailersThe AR aspect of Samsung TV True Fit is quite self-explanatory. Users can select the desired Samsung TV model and point the phone’s camera at the wall or stand to see how the device would fit. Augmented reality TV models can be placed automatically by the app, or manually by the user who can then move the AR object around the room.

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