Samsung TV True Fit lets you “see” your future TV in your space

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Gone are the days when you will just have to imagine or use tape measure and some finger measuring skills to see if the TV you’re planning to buy will fit into your living room. If you’re planning to make a Samsung TV purchase in the near future, there’s an app that you can use which uses augmented reality technology so you don’t have to imagine but actually “see” how and if it will actually fit. Samsung TV True Fit is now available, however, it’s only in Canada for now.

According to SAM Mobile, the app is actually not a first-party app but rather a “second-party app” because Gravity Jack created the app at Samsung’s request. So in the Google Play listing, you’ll see that the Korean OEM isn’t the one that published it but it has been vetted and approved by Samsung. Even though it probably could have been part of Bixby Vision, at least you know it’s there if you need it, or at least if you live in Canada.

How the app works is pretty simple. Choose the Samsung TV model you’re thinking of buying and then point your phone in the place where you want to put it. The app can automatically place the TV or you can manually do it and then move the AR object around if you need to check it in other places. Once you’ve decided on buying the TV, the app can also tell you which is the nearest Samsung TV retailer. Unfortunately, you can’t just buy it from the app. That would have been even more convenient.

Bixby already has a lot of augmented reality features that should have been perfect for this kind of functionality. But for some reason, which is probably technical of some sort, they had to create, or rather get someone to create an app for them separately for this. Well, it’s not the kind of app that you have to keep on your phone forever anyway. It’s a download-when-you-need-then-uninstall-after kind of app.

If you live in Canada and you have a hankering for a new Samsung TV, you can download the Samsung TV True Fit app from the Google Play Store for free. Then go and buy that TV from the store nearest you.

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