Samsung TV Plus mobile app gets a new vertical video experience like TikTok

Samsung has announced a new vertical video experience for its mobile TV Plus app in the UK. Similar to TikTok, the feature will allow TV Plus users to scroll through short videos of their favorite content. The company optimized the experience for mobile devices.

Samsung says the number of people using the free mobile TV Plus app has “more than doubled within the last year.” Head of Product at Samsung Europe, Gus Grimaldi, said the new update focused on vertical video experiences allows Galaxy device users to “watch exclusive content in a more mobile-friendly way on-the-go.”

More exclusive content coming to TV Plus this summer

The vertical video content update will be rolling out across May and June. It might be available exclusively in the UK initially, but Samsung could also release it in other European countries where the TV Plus mobile app is available through the Play Store or Galaxy Store. Time will tell.

As of now, the TV Plus mobile app offers instant access to more than 100 free channels. Users can access this content without making any payments, subscribing, or signing up.

And aside from this new vertical video content feature, Samsung is also bringing more exclusive content to the platform. Starting in June, the app will exclusively showcase a new season of America’s Got Talent, the latest season of American Idol (from May 25), and more.

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