Samsung TV Plus gets 10 more channels in Italy

Samsung has brought ten more channels to its Samsung TV Plus video streaming service in Italy. Samsung TV Plus is among the fastest-growing FAST (Free Ad-Supported TV) services in the world, and with these new channels, the South Korean firm is offering more content to its users.

The ten new channels include Baywatch, Crime Series – Rakuten TV, FireScape, Grjngo, House of Docs – Nexo TV, Just For Laughs, Love The Planet, Serially, Solocalcio, and U-Trend. With these new channels, there’s something for everyone. Content ranges from comedy to crime to reality TV.

  • Baywatch (4156): Shows the world-popular TV show Baywatch, remastered in HD and aired 24×7.
  • Crime Series – Rakuten TV (4167): Streams various crime TV series from across the world.
  • FireScape (4009): Shows fireplace videos with the soothing sound of a crackling fire.
  • Grjngo – Film Western IT (4977): Shows various western movies and TV series starring John Wayne from the 1940s, classic Italian series from the 1970s, and the best American TV shows in HD.
  • House of Docs – Nexo TV (4207): A channel dedicated to prestigious documentaries on music, history, art, and other segments.
  • Just For Laughs (4136): Shows people in surreal and bizarre situations captured by secret cameras.
  • Serially (4165): Italian channel that brings various foreign TV series from across the world.
  • Solocalcio (4507): Shows content for football lovers. It has thousands of football games from Argentina, Brazil, and Arab (with Cristiano Ronaldo) leagues.
  • Love the Planet (4239): Content that shows the challenges that put our planet to the test and educate people about adopting a more sustainable lifestyle.
  • U-Trend (4422) – Content is presented by social media influencers from Instagram and TikTok, showcasing trends and lifestyles from Italy and the world across art, automotive, beauty, design, fashion, music, travel, and other genres.

Cristina Sala, Samsung TV Plus Italy Lead, said, “With the arrival of these 10 new TV channels, we have enriched the programming and content of our Samsung TV Plus application on mobile and all Samsung smart TVs, making it even more exciting for our customers to watch TV programs and movies.

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